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A Scoop in Every Load

Stains are a complex chemistry and not all stains are the same. There are three basic types of stains:

  • Oxidizable Stains – Coffee, Wine, Fruits, Blueberry
  • Enzymatic Stains - Grass, Cocoa, Blood, Milk
  • Alkaline Stains – Perspiration, Mustard

There are three different types of ingredients that work best for each of the three stain types. Unfortunately, all three ingredients are not compatible in one liquid detergent formula. For example, more than ½ of dollars spent on liquid detergents are spent on enzymatic detergents. While these products may work wonders on grass or blood, you might not be getting the most effective performance on other tough stains like wine or ring-around-the-collar.

OxiClean contains ingredients that fight the other two types. When you add a scoop of OxiClean with your detergent, you get the power to fight all three types of stains at the same time. Plus, OxiClean is chlorine-free and color-safe so you can add it to every load without damaging colors.

Save money by saving your clothes!

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