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The Four Phases of Laundry

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Doing laundry is a careful balance of 4 elements – Chemical, Mechanical, Time and Temperature

Chemical – Water alone will not get clothes clean. The power of detergents or stain fighters is required to clean and lift soils away. OxiClean stain fighting products contain specialized ingredients that are designed to remove stains and boost detergent.

Mechanical – When your clothes move around and rub together in your washer, dirt is loosened so stain-fighting products can lift them away. You can also apply this friction by pre-treating. Pre-treating is when you apply a concentrated dose of a stain fighter to a particular stain and rub gently to ensure that the stain gets completely out in the wash.

Time – Chemicals, heat and friction need time to work together to remove stains (which is why wash-cycles are 30 minutes and not 30 seconds). Letting an item sit a few minutes after pre-treating gives concentrated stain fighting ingredients a chance to really work, before they get diluted in the wash water.

Temperature – The warmer your wash water, the better your stain-fighting results. Temperature can be the trickiest phase, as most color loads require the use of cold water only.

When you lose any portion of the pie, the others must be enhanced to maintain equal cleaning. For example, because cold water only is required for a color load, you lose the temperature phase of the process. Maximizing the other three phases can help overcome the lack of warm water. You can boost the chemical phase by going beyond detergent alone and add OxiClean to the washload; the mechanical and time phases can be enhanced by pretreating.

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