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The Science of OxiClean

Powered by the Air You Breathe, Activated by the Water You Drink

Ask anyone who’s tried our products and they’ll no doubt tell you OxiClean™ flat-out works! Ask them how and they might not be so sure. But the answer is simple – OXYGEN. More than 15 years ago scientists came up with a way to harness the power of oxygen to clean better than ever before. That breakthrough was OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover, a cleaning sensation that virtually revolutionized the industry.

Today, there are several OxiClean™ products to fit your needs that all have one thing in common - OXYGEN!. While the OxiClean™ brand family has grown, the original Versatile Powder is as strong as ever and still tackles many different stains in and around the home!

Without sharing all our trade secrets, here are a few details explaining why OxiClean™ works better than all the others.

Bubble, bubble…stains in trouble:
Listen closely and you might actually hear OxiClean™ working. That’s because the interaction between oxygen and water is what the OxiClean™ formula is all about.

  • Just look for the bubbles and you know it’s working. That’s the oxygen interacting with the stains.
  • OxiClean™ searches out stains and dives deep into the surface to lift them away.
  • The reactions continue until there is no stain left to remove.

The OxiClean™ formulation is actually a combination of ingredients, the chief ingredient being hydrogen peroxide. Another essential part of the formula is the surfactants, or detergents. Combined, these ingredients work together to do some amazing things. Things like:

  • Making stains soluble in water
  • Emulsifying oils
  • Lifting stains off surfaces
  • Providing the right combination for the right job

Chemistry aside, the OxiClean™ formula breaks down to the basic interaction of water and oxygen, although it does vary by product. For example, in using the powder OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover, consumers add water to create the reaction. In using the Triple Power Stain Fighter Liquid, water and oxygen have already been combined and are just waiting to fight stains.

More reasons OxiClean™ is perfect for you and your family:

OxiClean™ uses an oxidating technology that allows you to use it on colored fabrics and carpets, unlike chlorine-based bleaches which can permanently damage colored fabric. OxiClean™ seeks out the stain’s surface and lifts the stain away; not the color! See packaging for a list of fabrics and items on which the use of OxiClean is not recommended.

It’s environmentally sensible. OxiClean is powered by the air we breathe and water we drink, so it uses natural reactions in the environment to fight stains. Plus, it’s biodegradable.